YouTube Music tests “Recommended radios” and a new “Add to playlist” UI

YouTube Music tests “Recommended radios” and a new “Add to playlist” UI

YouTube Music may not be as popular as Spotify or Apple Music, but it’s still one of the best music streaming services on the market. And it’s always great to see Google keep adding new features to the service to make it even better. Case in point: the app is testing two new features to enhance your music streaming experience.

The first feature YouTube Music is testing (via 9to5Google) is called “Recommended radios.” While YouTube Music has long allowed users to start a radio from a single song, this new feature goes further, offering automatically created radio stations revolving around music genres and artists. “Recommended radios” are featured on the home tab and they keep changing every time you refresh the feed. The music featured in these playlists is “customized for you and always updating.” You also get the option to save tracks to your library.


The second feature that’s being tested (via 9to5Google) is the new “Add to playlist” UI for the YouTube Music Android app. The current Add to playlist screen on the Android and iOS apps looks quite dated. In contrast, the new UI looks much more modern and visually appealing, as you can see in the screenshots attached below.

Instead of just showing names of playlists, the new UI now shows artwork as well as the number of tracks that each playlist contains. There’s a “Recent” section at the top while the pill-shaped “New playlist” button in the bottom right corner lets you quickly create a new playlist. This new UI has been available on the Progressive Web App version of YouTube Music for months now, so it’s good to see it’s finally making its way to the mobile app.

“Recommended radios” and the new “Add to playlist” UI have only rolled out to a few users and aren’t widely available yet.

Featured image and screenshots courtesy: 9to5Google

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