New YouTube Music redesign is rolling out to some users

New YouTube Music redesign is rolling out to some users

Last week, we wrote about Google Play Music being on life support. According to reports, Google is ready to kill Play Music to make way for a new, more cohesive streaming service. That service is rumored to be called YouTube Remix. Currently, Google already has a music app for YouTube. Some users are reporting a redesign that could be a sign of things to come.

Reddit user c2fifield noticed a YouTube Music redesign this morning and shared a screenshot and video (which has since been removed). Google seems to have only updated the Now Playing list and the Player, but nothing else. The new design looks more like a traditional audio player. The Reddit user also says the playlist view now correctly lists the shuffled music and he feels like the shuffle algorithm is better in general.


This is pure speculation at this point, but these changes could signify that Google will rebrand the YouTube Music app instead of launching something new. It would be easy for Google to slowly merge more Play Music features into the existing app. With Google I/O coming up next week, it’s possible we could learn more about the future of YouTube Music, Google Play Music, and the mysterious YouTube Remix service.

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Source: Reddit user c2fifield

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