YouTube Music to support SD cards, new album sort options, quality selection, & more

YouTube Music to support SD cards, new album sort options, quality selection, & more

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It’s no secret that Google is pushing YouTube Music as a successor to Google Play Music, with plans to merge the two at some point. In that scenario, YouTube Music would actually replace Google Play Music. According to a report from Engadget, Google has a lot more features to add to the platform to make the switch more enticing. That includes SD card support, new album sort options, quality selection, and more ways to separate your regular YouTube viewing from your YouTube Music.

One would argue that all of these features should have been launched with the platform, but they’re apparently “firmly on the roadmap.” While it’s exciting that it will finally work as a proper music player, it does leave you wondering what exactly Google was thinking. Quality options are a must for those with limited storage or data plans, and limited storage applies in the case of SD cards too. SD card support is already starting to roll out, while quality options will be made available in the coming weeks. Also, you can finally actually sort your albums more than just by “recently added.” Google has been putting YouTube Music on the back-burner somewhat, with Google Clock gaining support for Spotify before any of the company’s own music streaming services.

But on top of that, there are some regular YouTube improvements as well. When you followed an artist from within YouTube Music, you were automatically subscribed to said artist. There’s no actual way to filter those from your YouTube homepage either. Well, not yet anyway. According to Elias Roman, a product manager for YouTube Music, this could be fixed in the future via the addition of a drop down to filter out followed artists. Google feels that integrating the two services is the way to go though, so you’ll have to do that yourself. By default, you’ll see followed artists on YouTube Music in your subscription box.

“We basically got to a point where we felt like what we had was good, ready to see the light of day,” said Roman of YouTube Music’s launch. “But there is still a ton of work to do… it’s a constant iteration.”

Source: Engadget