YouTube Music starts testing new Library Tracks playlist

YouTube Music starts testing new Library Tracks playlist

After rolling out a progressive web app for Chromebooks earlier this month, Google is now testing a new Library Tracks playlist in YouTube Music. The new playlist has started rolling out to a few users, and it gives them easy access to all the songs in their library.

Reddit user Iordbrack recently spotted the new Library Tracks playlist in the YouTube Music app on Android. In a post on the matter, they explain that the playlist shows up in the playback history within the app settings after playing any song from the library. As its name suggests, the automatically-generated playlist only includes tracks from your library.


YouTube Music Library Tracks

Credits: /u/Iordbrack

As you can see in the above screenshot, the Library Tracks playlist looks like every other playlist in YouTube Music. It shows cover art at the top, right next to the playlist name and the total number of tracks. It includes a download button to help users download all the tracks for offline playback, a shuffle button, and a play button. Beneath the buttons, you can see a download progress bar, followed by a list of all the songs in the playlist.

The post further reveals that although the playlist cannot be viewed directly as it brings up a 404 error, users can download it and view it offline. Unfortunately, the playlist doesn’t seem to include uploaded music from your library, so it may not be a great solution for users who want access to their complete music library in one place. We sincerely hope Google adds uploaded music to the mix by the time the playlist rolls out to more users.

We currently have no further information about the new Library Tracks playlist or when it will roll out to more users. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more.

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