YouTube Music tests new Library tab in Search to help you find songs easily

YouTube Music tests new Library tab in Search to help you find songs easily

If you search for a song in the current build of YouTube Music for Android, it displays all relevant results in a list. The list has several sections, including Top result, Songs, Videos, Albums, Artists, and more, along with Search Filters at the top to help you narrow down results. However, the app doesn’t prioritize results based on songs saved in your library. So there’s no easy way to look for songs, albums, artists, etc., from your library. To address this issue, YouTube Music is now testing a new Library tab in Search that displays results from your music library.

Reddit user PeepAndCreep first spotted this new feature (via Android Police) and shared the following screenshots. As you can see, the new Library tab narrows down search results based on what’s saved in your YouTube Music library. Sadly, the feature doesn’t work with uploaded songs, and it only displays songs, albums, artists, etc., that you streamed on YouTube Music.


YouTube Music In Library search feature

When you tap on an artist in the new Library tab, YouTube Music redirects you to the “in my library” page for that artist. The page lists down all the songs from that particular artist that you’ve saved in your library. However, tapping on an Album shows all the songs in the albums, even if you don’t have all the tracks saved. In addition, the section doesn’t display official YouTube Music playlists, playlists made by other users, and collaborative playlists that you did not create.

Since the Library tab is still a work in progress, YouTube Music may add support for uploaded songs, official YouTube Music playlists, playlists made by others, and collaborative playlists by the time it’s ready for primetime. It’s worth noting that the Library tab is currently just a server-side test, and it may not show up on your phone. We’ll update this post as soon as it starts rolling out widely.

It’s also worth mentioning that YouTube Music has previously tested a similar feature to give users easy access to all the songs saved in their library. However, instead of a new tab in Search, the previously spotted feature created a Library Tracks playlist with all the saved songs.

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