Google rolls out a revamped library in YouTube Music that works more like Play Music

Google rolls out a revamped library in YouTube Music that works more like Play Music

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YouTube Music was introduced two years ago. Although Google projects it as the default music player for Android, it has not been able to fully replace its forerunner – Google Play Music – due to lack of a seamless UI. But, Google has been revamping the music player UI to fill in the cracks with several new features being added to YouTube Music lately. Besides the player UI, Google has also added personalized playlists, support for uploading your own music, gapless playback, etc. A reworked the library layout is also available now in order to make Google Play Music patrons feel at home as they’re impelled to switch over to YouTube Music.

In the earlier versions of YouTube Music, tracks were listed in the library on the basis of your YouTube and YouTube Music playback history under “Songs.” Now, when you add a track to your library, the primary artists and the album will also be listed automatically on the dedicated pages.

While the artists you subscribe to appear under Subscriptions, the artists for the songs added to your library will be added under “Artists” and you won’t be required to do that manually. Conversely, if you add a new album to your library, the songs will automatically be available under Songs.

The revamp finally makes it easier for Google Play Music users to switch over to YouTube Music. I or any of our colleagues from the XDA Portal team haven’t received the update despite being on the latest version of the app. We can expect the roll-out to take a few days or weeks and the duration might vary on several conditions including your geographical location.

YouTube Music has yet to catch up to other popular music streaming services like Spotify. One advantage YouTube Music has over competitors is that it borrows the large pool of music and related content from parent YouTube. Besides officially uploaded music, you can also find a variety of official and fan renditions, covers, BTS videos, and single instrument tracks. On top of that, the seamless transition between audio and video is its advantage, giving Google a significant potential to tap into the userbase.

Source: Reddit (u/Rocketfin2)

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