YouTube Music update hints at upcoming support for your uploaded library

YouTube Music update hints at upcoming support for your uploaded library

Google Play Music never got the popularity Google hoped it would. Due to delayed redesign and lack of features when compared to its competitors, the service was not appealing to a lot of users. It still attracted some enthusiasts thanks to some of its unique features, though. One of those features was uploading your own content to listen to it anywhere. Google never added this feature to YouTube Music – yet another streaming service that aims to replace Google Play Music one day. However, this could change very soon.

Google promised to bring back this feature almost two years ago. We haven’t heard about this matter ever since. Today, 9to5Google noticed in the APK teardown that library upload is returning. New strings found in the YouTube Music v3.47 suggest that the app will soon let users browse through the manually uploaded content. The category will most likely be added to Songs, Artists, Albums, and Playlists sections in the app. There is also a “Manage library” string in the settings. From the looks of it, YouTube Music will let you easily view common artists from your uploaded content, as well as all your songs in one place. You can see the corresponding strings below.

<string name=”library_artists_introducer_title”>Artists at a glance</string>\n<string name=”library_artists_introducer_message”>Primary artists on albums and songs in your library will show up here. Artists you subscribe to are listed under subscriptions.</string>\n<string name=”library_songs_introducer_title”>All your songs in one place</string>\n<string name=”library_songs_introducer_message”>Songs from your albums will now show up here along with your added & liked songs – shuffle them all!</string>

Google Play Music limited the number of uploaded songs to 50,000 per user. It is unclear if YouTube Music will have the same limitation or not. Keep in mind that none of the mentioned features are confirmed just yet. As I already mentioned, these strings are found in the latest version of YouTube Music, but they’re not enabled. The date of the general availability of these features is currently unknown.

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