YouTube Music will let you upload your own songs like Google Play Music

YouTube Music will let you upload your own songs like Google Play Music

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Last week, Google announced a revamped YouTube Music service. It will have an ad-supported free tier and a paid “Premium” tier. Understandably, Google Play Music users have been wondering about how this new service will affect them. Google has been slowly sharing more information about the future of Play Music.

According to The Verge, Google confirmed that YouTube Music will get all of the key features from Play Music. That includes the ability to upload music to your collection. Since Amazon recently got rid of a similar feature, Play Music is one of the few places where you can upload local music (for free) and stream it on other devices (for free). So this is a pretty important feature for Play Music users.

Google had already said nothing will happen to Play Music for the time being. Current subscribers will automatically get YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red). The head of music at YouTube said uploaded collections, playlists, and preferences will be migrated to YouTube Music. But we were still uncertain about the ability to upload music. Google Play Music allows users to upload up to 50,000 songs for free, which is pretty amazing.

The rollout of YouTube Music has been extremely slow, but at least we know all of the best features from Google Play Music will eventually make their way to the new service. For the time being there’s no reason for Play Music diehards to make the switch.

Source: The Verge