[Update: Rolling Out] Google support page hints at YouTube Music song uploading launching soon

[Update: Rolling Out] Google support page hints at YouTube Music song uploading launching soon

Update (1/21/20 @ 3:15 PM ET): YouTube Music song uploading is starting to roll out for some users.

It’s been close to two years since Google announced its revamped YouTube Music service. Immediately after that announcement, Google confirmed YouTube Music would get the ability to upload music to your collection. We’ve been waiting a long time for this feature, and according to a new support document, it may finally be coming soon.

Last month, strings found in the YouTube Music app indicated that support for an uploaded library was coming. The new support document outlines how users can upload music to YouTube Music on the web. The description reads:


Add your personal music collection to your YouTube Music library by uploading your songs and albums. Once your music is uploaded, you can use YouTube Music to play your uploaded music as part of your listening experience.

Supported file formats for uploads include FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WMA. Users will have two methods for uploading music to their collection:

  • Drag your file(s) to any surface on music.youtube.com
  • Visit music.youtube.com and click on your profile picture > Upload music

Google notes that it may take some extra time for the music to show up in your library after uploaded. YouTube Music will automatically remove duplicates from your library if you upload something you already have. Uploaded music will be found at Library > Songs > Uploads.

A couple of other things to note: there will be a method for transferring your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music. Music uploads will not impact your recommendations. Uploaded music is only accessible by you, it won’t appear in shared playlists. Uploads can be played offline and ad-free without YouTube Music Premium. Uploaded content can be cast and played on smart speakers.

The ability to upload your own music is one of the features that has kept a lot of people on Google Play Music. It’s really handy to be able to use your music streaming app as a cloud locker for all the music you already own. We hope to see this roll out soon.

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Update: Rolling Out

It didn’t take long for Google to start rolling out uploading to YouTube Music. Users are already starting to see the feature show up on the web and in the mobile app. Uploading can only be done from the web, but in the app, you will see a new “Uploads” tab in the Songs and Albums section. Click your profile image on the web and look for “Upload music.” It will likely take several days (maybe longer) for this to arrive for everyone.

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