Students can now get discounted YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscriptions

Students can now get discounted YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscriptions

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In a move which sees YouTube take aim at a new demographic, the platform will now offer discounted YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscriptions for students, according to a report from TechCrunch. YouTube Red was rebranded as YouTube Premium earlier this year, with YouTube Music becoming more of a Spotify competitor and allow streaming of all songs on YouTube’s platform. According to the report, students will be able to avail of YouTube Music priced at $4.99 a month (down from $9.99) and YouTube Premium at $6.99 a month (down from $11.99). If you’re a student and sign up before the 31st of January, 2019, then you can get YouTube Premium for $5.99 a month for the duration of your membership.

YouTube Music is attempting to be a direct competitor to Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music, but allows you to avail of pretty much anything on YouTube’s platform. You’ll get covers, unofficial remixes, and more, all in the form of a music streaming platform that can cache or play in the background. YouTube Premium also removes ads on all YouTube videos and enables Picture-in-Picture mode for all videos too, along with access to YouTube Originals.

Student deals have been part and parcel for nearly all music streaming services. Students generally have less money to splash out on online services, so it’s not uncommon at all. Spotify has offered a student deal for the best part of five years, expanding them worldwide in 2017. Apple has also offered 50% off on their music streaming platform in the US. YouTube’s subscription-based services haven’t attracted much attention in contrast to the likes of Spotify, which reached 83 million subscribers in the second quarter of the year. In contrast, YouTube Red only reached 1.5 million subscribers in its first year.

The company has said that these discounts will roll out to other countries in the future and you won’t need a .edu email to avail of it. That means that users can keep the account when they graduate.

Source: TechCrunch