YouTube is bringing its Shorts shelf to desktops and tablets

YouTube is bringing its Shorts shelf to desktops and tablets

In 2022, almost every app wants to become a TikTok — that’s seemingly the cool fad to follow nowadays. And that’s arguably a good thing, as clones and copycats boost the creativity and heat up the competition. One of the most popular TikTok replicas is YouTube Shorts. This section lives in a dedicated tab of the YouTube mobile app — making it easily noticeable and accessible. Users don’t have to download any additional apps to enjoy YouTube’s execution of the trending format. One of the flaws of YouTube Shorts, though, was the lack of a dedicated player on tablet and desktops. Fortunately for those who prefer watching on bigger screens, Google is bringing the Shorts shelf to YouTube on desktop web browsers and tablets. The company is also introducing a new creation tool — which is suspiciously (but unsurprisingly) similar to one of TikTok’s.


Google has announced that it’s bringing its Shorts shelf to tablets and the web (desktop and mobile) over the next few weeks. This will fully immerse users and allow them to scroll through Shorts vertically. This change is a very welcome one — as people tend to prefer consuming video content on larger screens, rather than their phones.

Additionally, YouTube Shorts is adding a creation tool that is inspired by one of TikTok’s. If you’re familiar with TikTok’s Stitch functionality, YouTube is adding a similar tool called Cut. This will allow you to add parts of other people’s videos to your own. If you’re uncomfortable with other users remixing your content, you can always opt out and block this addition. It will first be available for iOS users in the coming weeks — with Android support to follow later this year.

Do you actively watch YouTube Shorts? If so, what kind of videos do you binge through? Let us know in the comments section below.

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