YouTube Shorts integrates with YouTube Music with a shared playlist

YouTube Shorts integrates with YouTube Music with a shared playlist

For the past few years, short-form videos have been a dominating force, requiring video streaming and social media platforms to adjust. While YouTube is predominantly known for its long-form videos, the company has done a pretty good job incorporating short-form videos on its platform with YouTube Shorts. Since its inception a little over a year ago, the platform has evolved to add several features and quality-of-life improvements. Today, YouTube Shorts will not only give users a new way to save music, but it will also offer light integration with YouTube Music.


Going forward, YouTube Shorts will give users a better way to save the music that they hear on the platform. When watching a video, users can currently tap on the sound button in the bottom right-hand corner to pull up a group of other Shorts that are using the sound. While this option has pretty much been available from the start, YouTube will now add a Save button that will let users save music from a Short to a playlist called “Sounds from Shorts.” These items will exist inside the YouTube Shorts section of the YouTube app, but what makes this feature exciting is that the playlist will also show up in the YouTube Music app as well. Furthermore, if you’re a YouTube Music listener, you will have the option to save some of your favorite music to the Sounds from Shorts playlist and later use it in a Shorts video.

This could become a big deal for users of both platforms, making it easier not only to find good music, but to also create with good music. While the ability to save music to a special location is similar to what is found on TikTok, the latter feature of having a shared playlist that integrates with YouTube Music is an interesting twist. If you are interested in YouTube Shorts, you can check out some videos using the YouTube app.

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