YouTube for Android may get a swipe gesture to skip videos

YouTube for Android may get a swipe gesture to skip videos

Google has been working on revamping the YouTube application in recent months. Following the introduction of a brand new dark mode (which you can enable yourself), they’re now also testing a swipe gesture to skip videos. The gesture is intuitive and will allow you to swipe pretty much anywhere on the screen to skip to the next video in the queue. Previously, you could only do that by tapping the arrow button in the video player.

The new YouTube for Android swipe gesture is currently available on iOS

It’s currently being tested on iOS but is obviously expected to reach Android devices sometime in the future. Just like dark mode, Google appears to be testing it on iOS devices first and may even be fully rolled out before reaching Android smartphones. The feature is apparently being A/B tested according to one user who reported it to 9To5Google.

As for how exactly the feature works, it simply plays what would be the next video in the “Up next” queue. All you need to do is swipe through the player window, title, descriptions, like/dislike/share buttons, or suggested videos to get to the next video. Pretty simple, intuitive, and easy. The only issue might be that it could be incredibly sensitive, but without trying it out firsthand it’s hard to say. It could potentially lead to users skipping videos by accident. Having said that, I’m sure the old implementation where the play next button was in the player caused the same mistakes too.

The animation itself is reminiscent of some of the new Android P animations. Even better though, you can’t just go forward – you can go back as well. The YouTube app is somewhat clunky in how it navigates between videos, so it’ll make it much easier to go back than it previously was as well. It wasn’t necessarily difficult before, but it just looks a lot more of a consistent method in the video.

Source: Google+ Via: 9To5Google

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