YouTube finally takes action against comment spam and identity abuse

YouTube finally takes action against comment spam and identity abuse

You know things are bad when top YouTube creators start openly complaining about problems that are occurring on the platform. That was the case some months ago when some of YouTube’s biggest creators started talking about the rampant issues in the comments section that led to comment and identity abuse. Thankfully, it looks like the firm is finally ready to tackle the problem, outlining new ways that it will begin cracking down on the situation.

Perhaps the biggest change coming to the platform is that starting on July 29, YouTube creators will no longer be able to hide their subscriber count. While this will be great for those trying to spot impersonators, it will expose legitimate channels. Although being open about subscriber count isn’t a bad thing, some channels choose to hide it for a variety of reasons. This is quite common with smaller accounts trying to build an audience.


There will also be stricter settings in the comment moderation section of YouTube Studio. Youtube will restrict the kinds of characters that can be used when creating a channel name. YouTube isn’t being too specific here, but it states that using characters to imitate a person or a brand will not be allowed. This means that special characters won’t be able to be used.

Assuming the identity of YouTube creators and offering prizes in exchange for information

The new changes should be an excellent first step, but this is likely only the beginning of a long and ongoing battle. Hopefully, this will help creators and audience members experience the platform in a more seamless fashion. If the approach doesn’t work, it has committed to making changes to its policies and will continue monitoring the situation.

What do you think about the comment and identity abuse problem that YouTube and its creators are facing? Have you ever been fooled by an impersonator? Comment down below!

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