YouTube TV launches on Amazon Fire TV devices

YouTube TV launches on Amazon Fire TV devices

Google and Amazon have become fierce competitors in the past few years, competing for dominance on a lot of things such as artificial intelligence, voice assistants, and the smart TV ecosystem. They’ve even tried to take on Google’s dominance in the smartphone marketplace. In the case of smart TVs, though, Google’s Android TV is challenged by Amazon’s Fire TV devices–while this space is currently dominated by Roku, Amazon still has a small, yet considerable lead over Google here. This fierce competition has also led to some services from one company not being available on the other company’s devices, but this has been slowly changing. Now, YouTube TV, Google’s live TV streaming service, is becoming available on some Fire TV devices.

Amazon took to their Fire TV blog to announce the news today. The YouTube TV app, in case you don’t know, allows users to get access to live TV and over 70 channels from cable networks and local networks such as FOX, CBS, and ABC, all without the hassle of cable boxes and contracts. You tune into YouTube TV using your Internet connection. YouTube TV is also available on other popular platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, and (obviously) Android TV, as well as consoles like the Xbox One. Now, it’s also available on Fire TV devices, allowing more users to access Google’s TV platform. The list of compatible devices includes:

  • Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen)
  • Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Fire TV Cube (1st/2nd Gen)
  • Toshiba, Insignia, Element, and Westinghouse Fire TV Edition Smart TVs
  • Fire TV (2nd Gen)
  • Fire TV (3rd Gen, Pendant Design)

If you want to check out YouTube TV on your Fire TV and download it, then be sure to hop into Amazon’s app store to download it to your device right now.

Source: Amazon | Via: 9to5Google

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