YouTube TV can now sort your channels by ‘most watched’

YouTube TV can now sort your channels by ‘most watched’

YouTube TV hasn’t had a great time over the past few months, between dealing with carriage disputes and fighting Roku. However, there is one piece of good news for the platform: there’s a new way to sort channels in the app. No, really, that’s all the good news there is.

The tab for live TV in the YouTube TV applications now has a new option to sort your channels by ‘Most Watched’ (via The Streamable), no matter if you’re using the mobile app or one of the TV applications. YouTube TV already allowed viewers to sort channels alphabetically or with a custom order (which can also hide channels), but this new option is a quicker way to see your most-viewed channels at the top of the list without rearranging them manually.

YouTube TV most watched

The new ‘Most watched’ view option (Source: The Streamable)

YouTube TV has had a few problems over the past year, to say the least. YouTube and YouTube TV were both at risk of being removed entirely from Roku devices, as negotiations over a new distribution deal took a turn for the worse in April 2021. The YouTube TV app was later removed, which Google worked around by adding a TV link in the main YouTuTube app, but Google and Roku eventually settled their differences. Google also had battles with both NBCUniversal and Disney over channel distribution, both of which ended with YouTube TV maintaining its list of available channels.

YouTube TV also added 4K streaming and offline downloads last year, but only as part of a more expensive ‘4K Plus’ package that costs an extra $19.99 each month. That was technically a new feature, but it was met with about the same level of enthusiasm from most YouTube TV customers as the carriage disputes. Meanwhile, other streaming services are also becoming more expensive — Netflix announced a price increase last week.

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