YouTube TV is now $50/month with 8 new channels, YouTube rumored to get interactive shows like Netflix’s Bandersnatch

YouTube TV is now $50/month with 8 new channels, YouTube rumored to get interactive shows like Netflix’s Bandersnatch

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Time sure flies. It has already been 2 years since Google first launched YouTube TV. Since then, we’ve seen the company put a lot of work into making the service better for its users. This included expanding YouTube TV nationwide, adding over 10 new channels, improving its DVR feature, and more. With competition including Netflix, Hulu, cable TV, the upcoming Disney streaming service, and now T-Mobile’s own streaming service, Google will need to continue to evolve the platform to keep up. Sadly, that includes a price increase, but also 8 new channels for YouTube TV users and reports of interactive content for YouTube Premium users.

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that YouTube was in the process of developing so-called choose-your-own-adventure content. This type of interactive content has been possible for years but has been used sparingly. With the success of Netflix’s Bandersnatch special, more companies are now looking into getting into this market. Walmart recently invested $250 million in a joint venture with a company that produces interactive series. The reported interactive content will be available for YouTube Premium subscribers

Now, on the YouTube TV front, the company has officially announced the subscription service is getting 8 new channels including Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and MotorTrend. On top of that, EPIX is now available for an additional charge while the Oprah Winfrey Network is in the works to be added to the service later this year. This puts the platform at over 70 channels, the ability to have 6 accounts per household, with 3 concurrent streams.

These new channels will come with an increase in pricing though. The new price is confirmed to be $50 per month (up from $40) while those who are billed through Apple will be charged $54.99/month. The new price is currently in effect today for new customers while existing subscribers will see these changes in their billing cycle after May 13th.

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