Youtube TV update adds progressive fast-forward and a refreshed UI

Youtube TV update adds progressive fast-forward and a refreshed UI

YouTube TV is Google’s cable-free live TV service which costs $50 a month. It’s available on many different platforms including Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, and a lot of consoles. The latest update, which has been rolling out for the past week to users, adds features like progressive fast-forward, better suggestions, and larger thumbnails. A YouTube TV engineer on the service’s subreddit said that the rollout has been sent to 50% of users. They also suggested that if you want the update now, reinstalling the application will give you a new visitor ID and a chance at getting the update. You can reinstall as many times as you like until you get it. Apparently, that doesn’t work on all platforms yet, though.

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Source: 9to5Google

As you can see above, the preview thumbnails are larger. However, the best improvement introduced in this update is progressive fast-forward. For those that don’t know, progressive fast-forward is when you hold down the fast-forward button to skip ahead it gets faster the longer you hold it. It starts off at 15 seconds per second, then goes to 30 seconds per second and then, finally, 1 minute per second. This is a typical feature on most platforms, and it’s crazy to think that it took so long to get implemented. Holding fast forward will no longer show thumbnails for other shows either.

Fast-forward on the new YouTube TV // Source: 9to5Google

For those who use YouTube TV, they can now enjoy a much cleaner experience when watching shows. The update only affects the now playing UI, and as already mentioned, 50% of users already have it. If you can’t get it working by continuously uninstalling and reinstalling the app, then you’ll just have to wait. The update should make its way to all users soon enough, should the current rollout go well without any major issues.

Source: /r/YouTubeTV // Via: 9to5Google

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