YouTube rolls out video chapters to search results, auto-translated content and more

YouTube rolls out video chapters to search results, auto-translated content and more

YouTube has announced some new updates that will make it easier to search and discover new content on the platform. The new changes include integrating video chapters with search results, expansion of video previews to mobile, automatically translated captions, and more.

The first and most notable change is that YouTube will now embed video chapters in search results. When you search for something, YouTube will start showing time-stamped images underneath supported videos, letting users quickly glance over contents and determine whether the video covers the specific topic or point they’re looking for. Users can also click on time-stamps to jump directly to the specific section without having to watch the entire video. Chapters will appear inside an expandable drop-down menu underneath supported videos.



Another new change coming to YouTube is that video results on mobile will now show a small preview of the content. YouTube on the desktop already shows a snippet of the content on the search page when you scroll over a video. YouTube says they’re “rolling a version of this out to mobile to help you easily preview different videos and decide if it’s what you’re looking for.”

Next up, YouTube will start showing content from other languages with automatically translated captions, titles and descriptions if there aren’t enough relevant results available in your local language. Initially, only English videos will be supplemented in search results but YouTube says they will add support for more languages soon. We first learned about this feature back in May. At the time, the feature was being tested with a small subset of users and only supported English to Portuguese translations.

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Finally, YouTube is experimenting with a new feature that complements video results with website links and other formats from Google Search. This experiment is currently only available in India and Indonesia but YouTube says they’ll consider expanding it to other regions based on the user feedback

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