YoWindow Weather: Mobile Weather has Never Looked So Great

YoWindow Weather: Mobile Weather has Never Looked So Great

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It is very hard to argue with historic facts. One of them relating to mobile devices is that the face of mobile weather reports was drastically changed with the introduction of TouchFlo for Windows Mobile back in the days of the HTC Vogue. The UI basically introduced us to what we know today as widgets on a home screen. One of the tabs in the mythical UI was one that showed a great looking, yet compact and elegant weather forecast, accompanied with good looking imagery of weather conditions.

As time evolved, TouchFlo evolved into Manila–and later on, into what we know today as Sense. This not only included the aforementioned graphics, but it added weather animations right in front of your eyes. (Who can forget the windshield wiper effect when the raindrops fell on your screen?)

From that point onward, and by virtue of better hardware and more freedom to do more with Android, weather apps grew to be part of what we can expect to have in a mobile device. Much to everyone’s dismay, most manufacturers today offer some sort of weather and clock widget that falls short of what Sense offered during its reign yesteryear. Granted, there are lots of third party alternatives out there, but as far as complete packages go, XDA Forum Member par128‘s YoWindow Weather takes the cake.

YoWindow Weather is an all-in-one solution for those who are simply not satisfied with TouchWiz‘s lackluster home widget, those who would like to drift away from Sense, or maybe even for those AOSP users who get no fancy native weather app. The app can not only be used as a stand alone app, but also as a beautiful live wallpaper depicting the weather and time of day in different cities around the globe. The LWP is fully animated and interactive, allowing you to see what is going on and what will happen at later times during the day. The time transitions between day and night time and you also get to add widgets to the screen for extended forecast options.

The app is a great first effort by the dev, who is looking for feedback to try and improve this weather solution. Have a suggestion that you can share with the dev? If you do, please stop by the thread and leave your feedback or bugs if you happen to find any. You can find more information in YoWindow Weather’s original thread.