Zenscrape Web Scraping and Extraction API at Scale

Zenscrape Web Scraping and Extraction API at Scale

Web scraping on a large scale doesn’t have to be a complicated and frustrating task. Some of the more common hurdles that people have to jump through when scraping through data are IP bans and scalability. These obstacles can be avoided with the Zenscrape Web Scraping API.

Our web scraping API handles all problems that are related to web scraping. Website HTML extraction has never been so easy!


When you use Zensrape as your web scraping solution, you’ll be able to run scalable operations from small one-time uses, to large ongoing projects. Using a massive IP pool, Zenscrape can avoid IP bans that put a halt to your scraping. You can even choose your proxy location to show geotargeted content. Automatic proxy rotation is an included feature that allows you to avoid running into a site’s rate-limiting by hiding your scraping bot.


To ensure that you are able to scrape every part of what a user sees on a website, Zenscrape renders Javascript. This will help get more data from areas that are often not rendered by other scrapers. You can also render specific elements based on what you need.

Zenscrape Javascript Rendering

All front-end frameworks are supported. This means that websites and single-page applications using Vue, React or other front-end frameworks are no longer a problem.

Try Zenscrape for Free

Before you decide on purchasing a plan, go ahead and try Zenscrape for free, using the demonstration found here. The free subscription will give you up to 1,000 API requests per month. Free plans are also eligible to receive 1,000 free credits for use with the API.

To provide you with the best developer experience possible, Zenscrape also created a Postman collection covering all of their endpoints, including plenty of examples. See the postman example here. Zenscrape can be used with any programming language, as data can be simply retrieved by any HTTP client.

When you’re ready to get a plan from Webscrape, you can choose from the following pricing options:

Zenscrape Pricing

If you want to find out more information on this API, you can chat with a Zenscrape representative who will be able to answer your questions for free. To get started, visit the official Zenscrape website here.

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