Android Wear 2.0 Expected to Arrive for ZenWatch 3 This Month; ZenWatch 2 OTA Coming Next Month

Android Wear 2.0 Expected to Arrive for ZenWatch 3 This Month; ZenWatch 2 OTA Coming Next Month

Google dropped Android Wear 2.0 back in February along with two new smartwatches, the LG Watch Style and Watch Sport. At the time, Google promised that the new update would soon start rolling out to all supported hardware. Not only that, it even released a list of compatible smartwatches that would be receiving the jump to Wear 2.0. However, it was not until April that Google and OEMs finally started rolling out the new update to some of the supported devices.

While most of the supported watches have already received Android Wear 2.0 a while back, there are still some devices that have yet to get the taste of Android Wear 2.0.

The list of smartwatches that are still waiting for the Android Wear 2.0 update includes ASUS ZenWatch 3, ZenWatch 2 and Moto 360 Sport. Speaking of ZenWatch 3 & 2, the initial timeframe given by ASUS for the Wear 2.0 update was “early Q2” but it failed to deliver on the promise.

While the owners of these watches would certainly be frustrated due to the delayed rollout, it appears the wait for the update is finally going to be over — that is, unless the update gets delayed yet again.

According to details shared by official ASUS Germany Twitter account, Android Wear 2.0 for the ZenWatch 3 is currently under final software testing and should soon be rolling out to the device.

When asked about when the ZenWatch 2 will get this update, ASUS replied that the watch (WI501Q) would receive the Wear 2.0 update this month while the 1.46″ model (WI502Q) can expect the new update in August.

As for exactly when this rollout will begin, according to the ASUS Germany ZenWatch support page, the Wear 2.0 will start rolling out to the ZenWatch 3 starting July 4th.

It remains to be seen whether ASUS will be able to deliver on the timeline this time around, the OTA has certainly failed multiple “deadlines” blurted out by ASUS support accounts and users are becoming increasingly frustrated. The ZenWatch 3 was specifically marketed as a higher-end yet affordable Wear watch, and we found it quite satisfactory in our review. In any case, if you are carrying a supported ZenWatch watch, keep an eye out for the Wear 2.0 update in the coming weeks.

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