Zone Launcher lets you access your apps from any screen with one swipe

Zone Launcher lets you access your apps from any screen with one swipe

Launcher is a commonly used phrase within the Android community that refers to the Home Screen and the application that lets us launch the other apps and games we have installed. Custom launchers are available in the Play Store that can replace your current launcher and offer unique features, customization options, and more. Zone Launcher from XDA Junior Member BialyApps, is a bit different in that it is there to supplement your current Home Screen solution and give you an additional way to quickly launch certain applications.

Right off the bat, we can see how this works with Zone Launcher. The typical way to open an application is to exit your current one and find it from the Home Screen or the Application Drawer. Zone Launcher works like Pie Controls or Samsung Edge and gives you quick access to applications and games from any application and any screen within Android. The developer describes the user experience as a “one swipe launcher” as you can bring up the UI with a swipe in from the side and then slide your finger/thumb over to an icon.


Once you lift your finger or thumb up from the screen after this gesture it will launch the application of the icon you were launch touching. There’s a lot more here though, including. . .

  • Single swipe gesture for all app interactions.
  • Launch any app from a customized hidden spot.
  • Arrange your favorite apps and shortcuts into different colored Zones.
  • Launch any of the installed apps (not only favorites) using a custom alphabetical index with the same single swipe gesture.
  • Supports launching apps, shortcuts or action buttons (as WIFI, Torch, Split screen … etc).
  • Customize every single aspect of the app from colors, backgrounds & icons.
  • Supports icons packs.
  • Background blurring and opacity change effects.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Small memory usage.

. . .and, even more, features in the works for an upcoming update. . .

  • Add a context menu option.
  • Add more action buttons.
  • Maybe consider an option for displaying widgets.
  • Fix some bugs and performance-related issues.

Zone Launcher and app drawer
Zone Launcher and app drawer
Developer: BIALY
Price: Free

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