The ZTE Axon M Will be Available for Purchase from AT&T Starting November 1st

The ZTE Axon M Will be Available for Purchase from AT&T Starting November 1st

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The announcement of the ZTE Axon M phone, has taken many people by surprise despite its frequent leaks and rumors. Instead of going for a conventional smartphone with top-of-the-line specs, as everyone is currently doing, ZTE is instead going for a more “experimental” approach with their 2017 Axon flagship. That’s why the Axon M, in true Nintendo DS fashion, features dual 5.2-inch LCD displays – one on the front and another one on the back – with a hinge that allows the phone to be folded like a book. The unusual (yet interesting) looking device is now right around the corner, and US customers might get a taste of the phone on AT&T as soon as Wednesday comes.

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The ZTE Axon M will be available exclusively through AT&T in the United States, and customers will be able to order their device starting on November 1st, right after Halloween ends. You will be able to order it online through AT&T Next at 24.17$ a month during a 30-month device financing period, also giving away that the retail price for the device would be somewhere around $720. The device will also be available in stores starting on November 17, before the Christmas season kicks off.

It’s still unclear whether the device will be available on other carriers, or even as a GSM unlocked model, sooner or later. However, given AT&T previous track record with exclusive devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, we wouldn’t get our hopes too high. Also, AT&T devices are known to be bootloader locked, so if you’re the kind of person who’s into modding and rooting, then you’re probably going to have to import an unlocked model. Otherwise, if you want to take advantage of AT&T financing or you’re already using AT&T, you can order the phone from here starting Wednesday.

Source: AT&T (Press Release)