The ZTE Axon Multy is a Dual Screen, 6.8″ Foldable Smartphone

The ZTE Axon Multy is a Dual Screen, 6.8″ Foldable Smartphone

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Android devices come in all different kinds sizes, though lately the trend has been towards larger and larger phones while trimming away at bezels. The shape of Android devices has changed relatively little, besides the curved edges of some Samsung Galaxy phones. But ZTE and AT&T seemingly want to change that with the ZTE Axon Multy.

The ZTE Axon Multy is an Android phone that unfolds into a 6.8-inch behemoth. It is said to fold along the vertical axis, with each screen being 1920×1080 in resolution. When in its most compact form, the back screen will face outwards but (presumably) powered down. The device is said to somehow able to stay relatively thin, managing to come under 10mm (or 1cm) thick when closed. Think of a Nintendo DS, but slightly more compact and with better specifications. That’s the kind of device we’re talking about here.

This device will also allegedly be packing some pretty decent hardware. There is no full list of specifications, but the device is said to be running on a Snapdragon 820 with 4GBs of RAM, 32GBs of internal storage, and a 3,120mAh battery. ZTE has a history of supporting MicroSD card slots, so it’s likely that the 32GB of internal storage space won’t be an issue. The phone is also said to come with a single 20MP camera sensor.

It is also alleged the device will be launching in October as an AT&T exclusive with a price tag of $650. It will be marketed primarily as a media consumption device, which I feel makes sense. What’s interesting to note is that this device, when unfolded, is only half an inch larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We’ll be keeping an eye on this device as while the concept is certainly interesting (though it has been attempted unsuccessfully in the past), will ZTE be able to pull it off?

Source: VentureBeat