ZTE Cancels its ‘Hawkeye’ Project CSX Kickstarter Campaign

ZTE Cancels its ‘Hawkeye’ Project CSX Kickstarter Campaign

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ZTE’s Project CSX was a unique take on the smartphone development process. For the first time in recent memory, an OEM directly used community feedback to design a smartphone with features they voted to implement in a smartphone. This phone would then be designed and brought to life by ZTE.

After user submissions and an initial round of voting, the finalist ideas were revealed. The finalists were revealed to be options ranging from ZTE a flagship with stock Android, a phone with a VR interactive diving mask, a phone with a power-glove, a phone with intelligent smartphone covers and even a self-adhesive phone with eye-tracking software. The community was asked to vote and the winner was…. the self-adhesive phone which was subsequently named the ZTE Hawkeye. The winning idea got its own Kickstarter campaign, where people had to vote with their wallets to show that this is something they really wanted to see come to market.

We are not commenting on why people would want a phone with a self-adhesive back and eye tracking software, because that is what people wanted to see so they voted for this design. But as it turns out, not enough people put their money where their mouth is.  After a disappointing monetary response to the Kickstarter campaign, ZTE has pulled the plug on the campaign to bring the ZTE Hawkeye to market. The project managed to raise only $36,245 of its $500,000 goal – backed by only 190 people. The funding of the project is now cancelled with backers to soon get their money refunded.

ZTE states that although the campaign has been cancelled, Project CSX will still live on. Based on the feedback received by ZTE, it seems that people wanted higher-end specifications on the ZTE Hawkeye than what was announced. For this reason, ZTE is re-evaluating the features that are implemented in the device and are hoping to return with a better device next time around, one that will still retain the self-adhesive back and eye-tracking software that people voted on.

Because that is what people want apparently.

What are your thoughts on the now-defunct ZTE Hawkeye? Would you be interested in the device if it had better specifications? Let us know in the comments below!

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