ZTE Invites User Opinions on Why They Use Stock Android

ZTE Invites User Opinions on Why They Use Stock Android

ZTE recently held a unique competition where they invited ideas for a phone that would then be produced commercially. The crowdsourced phone that would be the result of Project CSX saw a lot of unique entries, with the finalists being:

  1. Eye Tracking, Self Adhesive Phone: Phone with a self-adhesive back that would allow the phone to stick to a wall, and the user can scroll through eye movement.
  2. Intelligent Smartphone Covers: Functional cases that expand use-cases of phones, such as a gamepad or an e-ink flip cover.
    [Note: the original idea included stock Android software as part of the whole pitch. However, ZTE’s press release does not note anything related to this aspect.]
  3. Powerglove: Exo-glove that controls fingers for helping in rehabilitation or learning scenarios, all powered by the Android device.
  4. VR-Interactive Diving Mask: Waterproof VR mask for emulating an ocean experience inside controlled water bodies.
  5. Stock Android Flagship Phone: A flagship Axon device that runs on stock Android

Some of these ideas might sound simply too niche or unfeasible for commercial production and sale, so it was quite surprising to see that the final winner was the Eye Tracking, Self Adhesive Phone with 36% of votes, while the stock Android phone (Option 5) came in third with just 19% voting for it.

ZTE did see that there is significant demand for flagship grade hardware that runs on software close to stock Android, and this week, they are inviting more users to expand on their opinions and tell them why they prefer using pure stock or a near-stock Android experience. There is a single-choice poll attached, but you are invited to expand upon or choose your top few reasons in the comments. Choices include:

  • Quicker updates
  • Longer support period
  • Cleaner interface and skin
  • Better overall performance
  • Less bloatware
  • Lower defects
  • Greater dev support for custom ROMs

ZTE does not immediately promise any fruits out of this opinion poll. However, the findings would be presented to their R&D team, which indicates that they are inclined to consider options beyond what they have stuck to in the past.

The release of the premium Pixels has created a void for affordable flagships with stock-like Android in the Nexus space, and current options for top-notch hardware with such software is restricted to the likes of the OnePlus 3. The entry of a ZTE Axon flagship with stock Android, if it comes to fruition, would certainly help the consumer by giving him more choice, and forcing other OEMs to react to the new competition.

Head on over to ZTE’s forums to voice your opinion and let the OEM know!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below too!

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