ZTE Plans To Join The Top Tier of Worldwide Smartphone Vendors ‘Very Soon’

ZTE Plans To Join The Top Tier of Worldwide Smartphone Vendors ‘Very Soon’

ZTE’s mobile chief has stated that the Chinese company will join the top-tier of smartphones “very soon”. This bold statement has been given by Lixin Cheng, who oversees ZTE Mobile Devices. The company is now focusing solely on innovation and plans to deliver a top experience to its customers.

ZTE has been making quality phones for quite some time now, but it always seems as if the company just isn’t making enough noise to match their product specifications. ZTE Axon 7 is a great example — amazing value, but little recognition outside enthusiast circles, where its competition is strong.

Now, although the company is still way behind its prominent rivals, its mobile chief does have a plan to close the gap. During CES Asia in Shanghai, Lixin Cheng said to CNBC that transition from 4G to 5G provides an opportunity for ZTE to better compete with its larger smartphone rivals. The company also plans to hear and deliver what customers want. This strategy might be the key to success, but the mobile market is very hard and ruthless.

ZTE is one of the many Chinese companies present in the mobile world. Others Huawei, Xiaomi or OnePlus have a solid position and many devoted customers. The company have a few interesting devices in its portfolio, like the ZTE Nubia Z17, which is the first device that comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+.

ZTE recorded 27.8% year-over-year increase in first-quarter profit thanks to rising demand for its telecom gear and smartphones, and it was the fourth-largest smartphone brand in the US during the third quarter of 2016, according to Strategy Analytics. In some countries, ZTE is in the top three phone vendors.

Earlier this year the company violated the International Emergency Powers Act. In March ZTE agreed to pay a $287 million fine and criminal forfeiture of $143.5 million as well as submitting to a three-year probationary period. Hopefully it doesn’t repeat such missteps so that it can set out to achieve its grand ambitions.

What do you think of ZTE’s plans? Does this company have a chance to compete with Samsung and Apple? Sound off in the comments!

Source: CNBC Via: Firece Wireless

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