ZTE Makes the Notification Bell Optional in the Latest Axon 7 Update

ZTE Makes the Notification Bell Optional in the Latest Axon 7 Update

ZTE released a very impressive smartphone this year that focused on build quality and audio performance while keeping the pricepoint very competitive. Many were wondering if they would be able to afford regular updates on the device and worried that it might only receive an update or two before being forgotten for the next phone release. However, as we’ve noted in a past article, selling a smartphone at a competitive price doesn’t mean an OEM has to skimp out on the software updates.

We’ve watched as the ZTE Axon 7 and the OnePlus 3 have both received multiple software updates that include tweaks, improvements and new features since they’ve been released. Some will likely feel that ZTE and OnePlus can do better, but for a $400 smartphone with the build quality and specs they offer, we feel they are doing an impressive job in the update department. To this end, ZTE has just announced a new OTA update for the Axon 7 that brings some improvements and a highly requested feature to the phone.

The upcoming OTA update for the Axon 7 will be labeled A2017U Build 29 (MR3) and it comes to customers a little less than a month and a half since ZTE’s previous OTA update. The company says this update should reach all Axon 7 devices before the end of tonight, and to be sure to manually check for the update if you haven’t received the notification alert about it yet.

One big gripe that many people had with the Axon 7 was that you had to tap a notification bell on the lock screen just to see your notifications. Thankfully, this new update makes that feature completely optional and is a highly welcomed change to the software. ZTE tells us this OTA update also comes with the following changes:

  • New application management policy to enhance battery life
  • Optimized video camera focus on moving objects
  • Resolved .FLAC file playback issue
  • Visual Voicemail optimized for dual SIM
  • Updated fix for Mute Call issue
  • Other general enhancements
Source: ZTE

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