ZTE Wants You to Help Name its Project CSX Winner

ZTE Wants You to Help Name its Project CSX Winner

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At CES 2016, we learned that ZTE planned to crowdsource ideas for an upcoming smartphone release. This was a rather big deal because it’s rare for a smartphone OEM to pull their ideas directly from the Android community. The rules were simple, and only required the ideas to be technically possible by 2017 and not be too expensive that it wouldn’t be affordable by the general public.

So a few months ago, ZTE actually started to collect ideas from the community about what they wanted to see in the company’s next smartphone. Then in October, ZTE had chosen 5 different features and asked the community to vote on which one they wanted the most. This caught the attention of us at XDA because one of the options for us to choose from was a flagship smartphone that used stock Android software.

Other options included eye tracking and a self-adhesive phone, intelligent smartphone covers, a powerglove, and a VR-interactive diving mask. A month later, ZTE wanted to get some details on why people chose the option they did. But soon, the winner was announce and surprisingly it was the eye tracking and self-adhesive smartphone idea. This would become the basis of an upcoming ZTE smartphone in 2017. We aren’t told exactly when this smartphone will be released, but we are to expect it sometime next year.

While ZTE develops this new smartphone for the public, they want your help in coming up with a name for it (you can submit your idea here). Ideas will be collected until December 5th and ZTE will choose 5 different finalists for the name of the phone. These names will go up on ZTE’s Project CSX website and the community will be able to cast their vote on which one they like the most. The winner will be announced at CES 2017, and ZTE promises the person who came up with the name will receive a “small cash prize” as well.

Source: ZTE Community