ZUK Z1 Device Unboxing – XDA TV

ZUK Z1 Device Unboxing – XDA TV

Today we’re going to unbox and take a quick look at the brand new ZUK Z1, from Lenovo, Elephone and ZUK – a bunch of different companies.

This phone is the reason I’m here in Shenzhen, so I thought I’d just open it for you on camera. It has some pretty decent specs and as you can see this one here comes with USB Type-C. Let’s go ahead and get this one unpacked.

First we remove the plastic on the back. As well as some plastic on the front and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

There is a flat white back, it’s a glossy back. There is a rear facing camera. On the right hand side you have the power button and the volume rocker. On the left hand side you have your SIM card slot. On the bottom is the USB Type-C port with one bottom facing speaker and microphone. On the top you have the 3.5mm headphone jack and nothing else. And then you have the front. If I remember correctly it’s a 1080p 5.5 inch display.

At this event ZUK did announce the partnership that they are doing with Cyanogen, so they’re actually going to be offering Cyanogen as an offering on one of the international models of this device. Unfortunately, this is not the one that has Cyanogen on it. So that’s a little bit disappointing, but it could be worse.

Looking at it from an angle I can see that there is a screen protector on this already. You can sort of see it around the button at the bottom and around the earpiece.

While this is booting up, let’s see what else comes in the box. You have a power adapter, which is a European power adapter. So not useful for me. It does mention that it does five volts at 2 Amps. There is a USB cable. A flat USB Type-C cable, about 3 feet, or 1 meter long. At the bottom of the box is some product documentation and a SIM ejector tool. There is a Lenovo ZUK Quick Start Guide and some warranty information.

We will push that all off to the side and go back to the phone now. Now I see an immediate problem here. Maybe you can see it as well, it’s all in Chinese. I don’t speak or read Chinese. So we’re going to have to guess at this. It’s trying to set up the WiFi. So I’ll go ahead and hit that.  It wants me to sign in. Hit Next. Guessing, that says next. I’m going to skip over that, whatever that is. I guess this is the fingerprint sensor setup. If I remember correctly, I think this is the fingerprint sensor down here. We’re going to skip over the fingerprint setup. Really, I need to get where I can set the language. Luckily in the car I did see someone set this up earlier, so I kind of know where it is and where to go. Go down to the advanced settings option and change it to English. I am now able to read things.

Just very quickly we will go in and see what version of Android this is running. You can see here it mentions the model number is the ZUK Z1, running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. It has 64GB of built in storage, 3GB of RAM and Android version 5.1.1. The battery level is at 47 percent. I believe this supports quick charge 2.0. I may have to try it with the quick charger.

There is U-Touch. I started to mention earlier, it doesn’t have any on screen buttons and it doesn’t have any capacitive buttons. The device itself, I think, has capacitive buttons that will be enabled when Cyanogen comes out for this device. By default it has U-Touch. You use the bottom button to do everything. It does fingerprint identification, touch to go back, press to go home, double press to view your app history and slide left or right to swap.

Unfortunately this is one of the ROMs that does not come with a built in app launcher, but oh well. Here are the apps that it comes with. There are some more that are not in English. You got QQ, WeChat and Weibo. A lot of the services here in China.

I don’t have any real initial impressions of this device. Because I’ve only been touching it for about 30 seconds. But if you have any questions or there is anything you’d like to see in particular, let me know down in the comment section down below.

When Cyanogen does become available for this I’ll probably be flashing it over to this device. Unfortunately I’m probably not going to be able to use this in the States, because it doesn’t support any of the 4G bands. Probably just HSPA, maybe only 3G. It’s not going to be particularly useful for that.

One way or another, thanks so much to ZUK for bringing me out here and giving me a chance to take a look at this. Thanks to you guys for watching. Make sure to leave a thumbs up down below the video if you like this video. Subscribe to receive more videos when they become available. We will see to again, next time.

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